Question of the day

1. David, the Project Manager, is eager to introduce Extreme Programming (XP) into his new project. He assigns two developers to work together at a single workstation. One developer actively codes while the other observes and occasionally offers suggestions.

What specific technique is David implementing in this scenario?

A. Collaborating on best practices while sitting together.
B. Engaging in pair programming.
C. Having one developer code while the other decides on test cases based on the code.
D. Implementing a coaching session with one developer guiding the other.


The correct answer is B. In the described scenario, where one developer is actively coding while the other observes and occasionally gives suggestions, David is implementing pair programming. Pair programming is a core practice of Extreme Programming (XP), where two developers work together at one workstation, with one writing the code (the "driver") and the other reviewing and providing input (the "observer" or "navigator").

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