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  • Indian IT industries have a bright future in US: Vishal Sikka

    Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka calls the Trump Administration business-friendly and entrepreneurial. He also adds that the new American government offers tremendous opportunities to do innovative work.

    "We see a tremendous opportunity to do innovative work.

    The US government is a very business administration, a very innovative administration," Infosys CEO Vishal Sikkatold PTI in an interview as he refuted reports that the Indian IT companies are facing challenges under the Trump Administration.

    "I don't feel that way," he said in response to the question during a wide-ranging interview.

    "As long as we can continue to focus on innovation, on value delivery in the new areas, I think things will be okay.

    So IT is more and more as that. The underlying skills issue, the...Making sure that the workforce is something that is frontier of the future," he said.

    Sikka said the Trump Administration is taking steps to improve the atmosphere of doing business in the US.

    "If you look at the, some of the regulated industries like banking or pharma, the emphasis has clearly shifted from valuably compliant towards innovative areas, new R&D, new adoption of financial services, new adoption of technologies for faster trading, better trading, better derivative analysis," he said.

    "Areas like that, rather than a lot of spending that used to go into regulatory compliance...In the US we notice a shift in these priorities towards innovative areas and so on," said the Infosys CEO.

    According to Sikka, Indian IT companies have a bright future in the US.

    "Definitely (Indian IT companies have a bright future).

    We have to be aligned to the future, we have to be aware of the changes that are happening around us. We have to sense and understand and respond to those by building in the software, the services, the capabilities for the future," he said.

    "And if we do that, then I am confident that we will be relevant, we will able to thrive and this is precisely what Infosys is doing," Sikka said.

    Indian IT companies, he noted, have made extraordinary progress in the last three and half decades.

    "What has got us here has worked extraordinarily well. It has created an enormous success in the last three and a half decades. But this is not what is going to get us forward. We need to continue our core values of education, of learning, of what the future is," he said.

    "What I find after my three years of experience (in Infosys), is that the youth in India is ready for that (change). It is ready to embrace that. It is ready to be entrepreneurial, to be innovative.

    "I find that one of the big challenges is to make sure that the people in senior management and so forth also understand what needs to be done and that the transformation of our processes the transformation of our mechanics, our systems, to support that future reality. That has to also happen," Sikka said.

    And that is not easy, he acknowledged.

    "That is a very challenging thing to do. I mean, transformation in general is a very challenging thing to do.

    And especially in our case, where our core business is under a margin pressure. It is exceedingly important to get that right," he said.

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  • Kaspersky Lab's introduce new innovative technology will protect you from audio surveillance

    Amid growing concerns around user's privacy online, Kaspersky Lab has introduced its new patented technology that prevents someone from snooping through microphone data on Windows devices. The company has involved the technology in its home-based solutions, Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security.

    Kaspersky points out that it is essential to monitor all requests to access microphone data in the operating system and highly important to block the ones that are unauthorized or by any untrusted program. The company also concerns that even if users put a tape on the headphone or switch it off, it is possible for someone to access sounds from the devices or around the devices through several other methods. The latest technology will provide protection from such unverified access to audio data on Windows-based devices. 

     Basically, what the technology does is add a filter on the internal commands. "The latest technology for users Application Control feature, which classifies all programs as "low/high restricted," "trusted" or "untrusted," depending on their reputation, content and manufacturer.

    "User privacy is very important to us, which is why we are developed technologies to keep our customer's digital lives safe from malicious access," said Alexander Kalinin, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

    "When it originates to audio protection, the main challenge was the existence of an audio stream multiplexing system within Windows, which allowed several applications to record sound simultaneously. However, this problem was resolved simply with the benefit of our rich kernel-driver structure, which includes a mechanism to control commands between Windows services."

    Accessing user's data through microphone has been an old problem for Windows users. While we have seen persons putting a tape on web cams and even headphone to prevent such intrusion, there hadn't been any remarkable software-based solution so far. The subject, however, originated in the attention when Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg in one of his videos was seen having tapes on one of his laptops, suggesting the snooping through web cams and earphones is much more serious problem. 

     Shortly after the Mark Zuckerberg recording audio incident, whistleblower Edward Snowden had also suggested users do the same as security agencies like NSA and cybercriminals were capable of gaining such access. Back in 2010, a US school was accused of spying on a student through webcam. There have been some extra such incidents in the past as well.

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  • Microsoft‬ ‪Cortana‬ Updated Version Coming to ‪India‬ this ‪‎Summer‬

     India will be among a select group of 13 nations where an updated version of Microsoft's digital personal assistant will roll out later this summer as part of the Windows 10 anniversary update announced by the technology giant.
    Apart from India, the other countries where the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be available include the US, the UK, China, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Brazil, Cortana's group programme manager Marcus Ash said during a session on the sidelines of the ongoing annual developers' conference 'Build 2016' here.
    Ash told that the update will be available for both phone and personal computers and Microsoft is focussed on "getting it right" for its "most important countries", particularly India, China and Japan.
    Ash said Cortana is an English product right now in India but given the different regional languages and dialects in the country, Microsoft is starting to think about how to expand it to the other languages.

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  • Were faster, more nimble and focused, CEO says

    We are confident in our strategy and believe it will continue to produce reliable returns and cash flow, while also enabling HP to invest in differentiated innovation and longterm growth.

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  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) What is MTA?

    Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is an introductory Microsoft certification for individuals considering a career in technology. MTA certification addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts, assesses and validates your core technical knowledge, and enhances your technical credibility. Note MTA exams do not qualify for MCP certification, nor are they a prerequisite for MCSA or MCSD certification.

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  • ‪Global‬ ‪certification‬ - ‪Android‬ ‪Apps‬ on ‪Google Play Store‬.

    It's a gateway to get the international certification through online examination.

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  • IT ‪Certification

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  • HPE Certificate of Competency Program

    Work your way to a great start in the corporate world with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Certificate of Competency Program. Through relevant learning material and world-class assessments, Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps you prepare for career opportunities in a plethora of cutting-edge technology domains. So be a part of the program today and begin your journey towards a brighter future.

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